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Why reading and understanding nutrition label is so important?

A typical nutrition label

Nutrition labels are on every nutritional supplement that you buy in the pharmacy or health food stores. Many people take these labels for granted and never really pay attention to the information that is given there. Learning how to read the information is important, but knowing what the information means is vital to your health and well-being.

On each nutrition label, you will find serving size information, calories from fat, total fat contained in the serving, and all of your vitamins and minerals that are contained in the product. These items allow you to make the proper choice of whether or not an item is worth buying or if you should pass on it and move on to another item that has more nutritional value.

Perhaps you wonder: What is so difficult to read and compare those nutrition labels? Why cannot directly buy nutritional supplements with maximum nutrition but with minimal money? Things are not so simple. We must consider the balance and amount of nutrition provided, and to ensure that all important nutrition is supplied. The information which is not provided in label is as important as the information provided on the label.

Sound confuses? Huh, Okay, take an example: Consider the following two labels, which one do you think is better?  Label sample A or sample B?

If you are only comparing the vitamin quantity of two nutritional supplements, no doubt, sample B will be selected. Sample B provides more vitamin B1 (THIAMINE), B2 (RIBOFLAVIN), NIACIN and the same amount of vitamins B6, B12, and B5 (PANTOTHENIC ACID). Here are the reasons why you should read and understand the meaning of words between the lines. Sample B lack two basic vitamins: FOLIC ACID and BIOTIN, they simply not listed there! These are two important vitamins that a multivitamin must have! Only  sample A can be called multivitamin, because it contains the above-mentioned two important vitamins.

Have you noticed that sample B is called “High potency B vitamin supplements?” If the sample B does not provide FOLIC ACID and BIOTIN simply because of these ingredients are expensive, but guess why sample B provide high amount of vitamin B1 (THIAMINE), B2 (RIBOFLAVIN) and NIACIN? We should suspected sample B which provides such amount of  vitamins. Is it simply because they are cheaper and enables consumers to buy cheap goods? Furthermore, B15 (CHOLINE), INOSITOL and PABA which not yet have recommended dosage, are included in the label, isn’t it there to make it appear more attractive?

Sample B is a highly unbalanced B vitamins nutritional supplement. It is not only a wrong purchase decision, even if you have free access to the nutritional supplements, I advise you not to take! If you often take such unbalanced nutritional supplements, you might relative lack of others vitamin B, anyone still wants to buy sample B? Sample A, which should be our choice of nutritional supplements. It is balanced to provide the right amount of each vitamin B.

Reading and understanding the nutrition label as you can see is very important, but knowing exactly what it is telling you is more important. Take a look at the items you have at home and you may discover some surprises as you sort through your pantry. Buying a right nutritional supplement should be an important goal for anyone who plans on living a healthier lifestyle. If you are having problems with your diet, check the nutrition labels of the products you buy.

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