Internal healing crisis symptom


(Normally symptoms on head are related to blood circulation, heart and cranial nerve)

  • Dizzy – Regulating anaemia or unstable blood pressure conditions.
  • Pain of Front Skull – Neurosis caused by mental stress.
  • Pain of Back Skull – Indicates high blood pressure and prolonged stress.
  • Headache and the feeling of airflow in ear – Regulating migraine.
  • Abscess on Head – Detoxification in progress. Also possibly  relates to migraine.
  • Serious Dizziness – Indicates serious unstable blood pressure or poor blood circulation.

Oral Cavity

  • Nausea or Vomit – Indicates too tired or stomach detox, especially liver toxins.
  • Vomit Blood–  
    • Red colour blood: Excretion of dead cells in throat and lungs.
    • Black colour blood: Excretion of dead cells in stomach (e.g. caused by ulcer)
  • Numbness of Tongue – One of the symptoms of heart problem.
  • Excretion of Murky Saliva – Excretion of toxins caused by virus infection or ulcer.


  • Frequent Urination – Indicates excessive waste in kidneys.
  • Urine Contain Powdery Substance– Excreting gallstone from urinary track or kidney.
  • Urine Contain Oil – Indicates excessive fatty waste in kidneys.
  • Yellow or Murky Colour Urine
    • Detoxification in progress.
    • This is normal when first taking dietary supplement, the body is adjusting and regulating, drink plenty of water.
  • Urine Contain Blood – Gallstone or damaged kidney, take plenty of Alfafa, OrnegaGuard and Lecithin.


  • Stool Contain Blood
    • Red colour blood stool: Y Rectum ulcer or hemorrhoids, or wounded rectum arising from rapid detoxification process. Take more Vitamin C, Zinc, Alfalfa.
    • Black colour blood stool: Stomach, duodenal ulcer.
  • Diarrhoea or Frequent Bowel Movement – Normal detoxification reaction of colon. Excessive toxins accumulated may cause slight pain.
  • Black Colour Stool – Excretion of clogged stool and toxins in colon.
  • Constipation
    • Excretion of toxins in small intestines.
    • Or rapid metabolism or insufficient fluid.
  • Break Wind – Regulating digestive system, also indication of increasing friendly bacteria


  • Some Pricking Pain – Regulating process of pulse and nerve.
  • Pain
    • Neutralizing acidic body.
    • Caused by vascular blockage and poor circulation. The body is clearing the  vascular and energy channels.
  • Sudden Cramp – Pulse, nerve and other organs are regulating.
  • Sudden Tightness of Body – Blood circulating process.
  • Big Appetite – Short term sign of all cells are getting, healthier and activated.
  • Tired and Lazy
    • High body acidity. Regulation in progress, the body needs rest to recover.
    • Prolonged stress and anxiety.
  • Insomnia – Body’s cells are regulating.
  • ‘Heaty’ Body – High body acid, especially toxins stored in fats. Detoxification through fat burning that causes ‘heaty` body. Take more vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water.
  • Light Body – Energizing within the body for maintaining good health.


Emotion (Temporary Symptoms)

  • Feel Frighten – Weak kidney function or self-control ability.
  • Hot Tempered, Get Angry Easily – Weak heart function, unstable blood pressure, ‘heaty’ liver.
  • Moody
    • Weak heart function
    • Weak brain nerve system
    • Poor blood circulation
  • Always Suspicious or Daydream – Weak digestive system.

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