CarotoMax contains 8 types of carotene(alpha-carotene, astaxanthin, beta-carotene, lutein, quercetinlycopene, anthocyanin and zeaxanthin), extracted from fruit and vegetables with abundance anti-oxidants such as seaweed, tomatoes, grape seed, broccoli, calendula, apples, potatoes and palm oil. Nutritionists advise us to take 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables for optimum level of carotene concentrate in our blood in order to maintain healthy vision, healthy skin and prevent cancer. 

Key Benefits:

  • Safer Than Vitamin A: The earliest discovered vitamin was in 1912 i.e. vitamin A. It was found that over-dosage of vitamin A caused toxicity. However, in 1932), scientists discovered that beta carotene is the precursor of vitamin A and beta carotene is definitely safe for consumption.
  • Improves Vision :  It produces “visual purple” that enable us to maintain our vision in the dark. It improves various vision conditions such as Nyctalopia (night blindness), presbyopia, astigmatism, xerophthalmia (dry eyes), tired eyes, glaucoma, cataract, floaters, eye bags and dark eye ring.
  • Relieves Skin Disease – Generous intake relieves skin problems e.g. psoriasis, senile plaque, dry skin, skin peeling, pimples, acne and black head. Can be used externally to treat pustule, scabies, acne, skin ulcer.
  • Beautifies Skin and Muscles : Beta carotene in our body protects us against ultraviolet ray, prevent sunburn and oxidation. Also, it keeps our epidermis (outer layer of skin) hydrates and stimulates cells regeneration, for beautiful skin and muscles.
  • Protects Epithelial: It protects the outer layer tissues of cornea, oral cavity, intestines, stomach, lungs, bronchus, bladder, uterus for epithelial tissue differentiation, treat digestive tract ulcer.
  • Fights Against Cancer and Oxidation :  Constant intake of beta carotene to strengthen our immune system, delay ageing and suppress the activity of cancer substance, in order to prevent the formation of cancer cells. This will minimise the risk of getting cancer, especially breast and lung. Beta carotene also reduces free radicals and eliminates oxidised dead cells.
  • Prevents infections:  Stimulates enzymes to kill germs, prevents and improves the condition of lung respiratory system diseases: cough, hepatitis, asthma, flu and cold.
  • Promote Normal Growth: Promotes growth, strengthen bones, and protects hair, skin, mucous  membrane, healthy teeth, gums and reproductive system. Also produce healthy sperms. 

How CarotoMax Different From Others?

 It contains all the natural phytochemistry that are needed for healthy eyes, skin and mucous  membrane.

 1. α alpha and β beta carotenes (palm, corn, seaweed)

  • Promotes night vision and maintain healthy eyes, prevents vision degeneration.
  • Repairs skin and heals wound.
  • Enhances immune system, lower the chances of getting colon, breast and prostate cancers.

 2. Lycopene (Israeli Tomatoes)

  • Contains powerful anti-oxidant, prevents degeneration of organs.
  • Keeps cervical, cardio circulatory and immune systems healthy.
  • Reduces males’ prostate diseases.

 3. Quercetin (Passion fruit)

  • Prevents oxidation ot cholesterol which could lead to heart disease or stroke,
  • Keeps lungs healthy, improves asthma and respiratory system diseases.

 4. Lutein (Thai marigold)

  • Prevents cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma.

 5. Zeaxanthin (Potatoes)

  • Protect eyes, filters harmful shortwave blue light.
  • Minimizes the risk of getting breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial (the lining of uterus) cancer and cervical cancer.

 6. Grape seed Extract (French red grapes)

  • Contains anthocyanin, a very powerful anti-oxidant that relieves allergies.
  • A natural antibiotic to combat viruses and fungi.

 7. Broccoli Sprout Extract

  • Delays ageing.
  • Aids in lowering risk of kidney and bladder cancers.


Size: 30 Softgels 

  • Take one softgel daily
  • Health maintenance: Twice a day ct 1 capsule each (after meal)
  • Eye disease, during treatment of cancer and illness: Twice a day 0f 2 capsules each

Did You Take Sufficient Beta Carotene?

The results of clinical studies have recommended daily intake of beta carotene of not less than 12mg (20,000 lU). 2 capsules of Shaklee CarotoMax provide the required 12mg which is equivalent to eating 5 carrots, 5 papayas, 24 pieces of cherry tomato, 18 oranges. The maximum safe dosage of beta carotene is 90mg (150,000 lU) or 15 capsules of Shaklee CarotoMax.

Why Yellowish Skin Colour?

A small number of people’s skin turn yellowish in colour after consuming beta carotene, however this is not jaundice. Beta carotene is natural botanic colour. When mucous membrane of small intestines converts beta carotene into vitamin A, it stimulates bile (yellow in colour) secretion as well as liver and gallbladder detoxification, along with the blood that flows to our palm, foot sole and face. These natural detox and anti-oxidation processes normally last for a few months and will gradually go away, the results are new yet beautiful skin.


* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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