Performance Orange


Beverage of the Astronauts and Athletes 

First developed in 1980s by scientists of Shaklee and Yale University to fuel Daedalus pilot for its human-powered flight programme. Performance® is the first high performance beverage for athletes in the USA. Powered by Performance®, Daedalus pilot made the history as the longest human-powered flight and this record still hold until today. 

Performance® is the official beverage for USA’s NASA shuttle astronauts, the first choice food  supplement of international athletes and explorers. Performance® is also one of the sports beverages that helped them in breaking the most world records.

Clinical tests have proven that its patented OptiCarb increases muscles endurance by 5 times, provides sustained energy and enhances circulation. Performance® has 67% more muscles glycogen synthesis fuel than other high endurance sports beverage, providing energy from a blend of 3 major carbohydrate sources rapidly. 

Clinically Proven

  • Minimizes fluid loss for enhanced hydration
  • Maintains blood-glucose levels to sustain intense energy output and to increase stamina
  • Increases endurance for better athletic performance
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives.


  • Clinically Proven
  • We call it Performance for good reason. Clinical tests with high-level athletes show that Shaklee Performance:

  • Shaklee Performance® Sustains Energy!
  • More energy! More endurance! The longer and tougher your workout, the better Performance gets.


Key Benefits:

Increases Body Endurance: Supply energy to muscles 8 cells rapidly and quick rehydration during physical exercise, increase muscles endurance, prolong duration of work out without causing any harm to the body.

Provides Energy and Sustains Physical Endurance:  It balances electrolytes in the body and normalise water metabolism. It contains potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and chloride. This product is specifically designed to provide energy and physical strength for people-living in tropical zone and those who are active and busy.

Prevents Dehydration and Keeps Skin Hydrates:  Quenches thirst, prevents body from dehydration; hydrates skin and keeps skin moisturised and youthful.

Maintains Blood Glucose:  Clinical studies have proven that it maintains, blood glucose level for speedy recovery from muscles strain.

A delicious drink at anytime and anywhere. Make a drink by itself or mix with other beverage, a great substitute for carbonated or package drinks.

Suitable for: Athletes, tasting therapy, pre and post-surgery, burn midnight oil, lethargy, skin & muscles dehydration, dry vagina, diarrhoea, no appetite, low blood sugar symptom, tiredness, dizziness.


Size: 539g, 28g per serving size, 19 serving per package

  • Mix 1 tablespoon each of Performance? Energizing Soy Protein and Meal Shake for a wholesome breakfast.
  • Mix 2 tablespoon into 500ml water, drink 1 hour before starting physical exercise and every 30 minutes during intense work out. Drink 1 hour after working out for speedy re-hydration and energy restoration.

Caution: Once open, keep refrigerated and keep out of humidity.



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