Your body is capable of many things, but it can’t make or store vitamin C. Shaklee Sustained ReleaseVita-C 500 mg offers sustained-release protection hour after hour, using a proprietary sustained release system. 

The science of natural sustained release” vitamin C was first invented by Shaklee, using plant pectin fibre to bind water soluble vitamin C so that vitamin C is sustained release during the digestive process of gastrointestinal tract for optimum absorption.

Shaklee Sustained Release Vita-C is extracted from fruit with high anti-oxidant properties such as lemon, fresh orange, grapefruit and rose hips. Each tablet supplies the complete Vitamin C from 7.5 servings of whole fruit with skin and rind (500mg) and releases vitamin C of an average of 1.5 fruit into our body every hour.

Clinical studies have proven that the vitamin C from 2 tablets of Shaklee Sustained Release Vita—C (gap of 5 hours) stays at high degree in our blood plasma for 24 hours.

Each tablet of Shaklee- Sustained Release Vita-C contains 125mg of bioflavonoid (25% bioflavonoid, fruit peel essence, rutin, hesperidin), it is also called Vitamin C Complex or Vitamin P. It increases the efficacy of vitamin C in our body, prevents oxidation of vitamin C, strengthens blood capillary, alleviates inflammation and fights against bacterial infection and free radicals, improves nose allergies, prevents rupture of blood capillary and gum bleeding, as well as enhancing the function of cells regeneration and wound healing. 

Key Benefits:

  • Forms Collagen: Vitamin C is vital in forming collagen. Collagen contains the most protein in our body and it is also a vital component in forming muscles, bone, skin and blood vessel. Besides improving wrinkles and preventing flabby muscles, it is also a composition for forming inter cellular substance, development of connective tissue.
  • Improves Bleeding Symptoms:Vitamin C deficiency is the possible cause of bleeding gum, skin bruises, burn, slow wound recovery, dry skin, rash and rough skin.
  • Enhances Immune System: Make healthy red blood cells for better iron absorption, enhances white blood cells` ability to tight against bacteria and germs, increases immune system, improves allergies of nose and skin, asthma. Also shortens the recovery time and minimises symptoms of flu and cold.
  • Improves insomnia and Stress Conditions: Improves insomnia, stress condition and mental related problems such as anxiety. Our body loses large amount of vitamin C when we are under stress, hence the lower immunity. Vitamin C aids in making adrenal medullary hormones for us to resist stress in life.
  • Fights against Cancer and Oxidation: It is a powerful anti-oxidant that increases the absorption and utilisation of oxygen. It also increases the natural interferon in our body and stimulates the production of T-cells to fight against cancer cells and remove harmful chemical substance from our body effectively. lt is also able to eliminate free radicals before they attack our cells.
  • Beautifies Skin: Consume large amount of Vitamin C every day to suppress the formation of freckles or black spot, whiten the skin, delay ageing. Melanin is the main cause of age spot and freckle.
  • Maintains Healthy Cholesterol: It reduces cholesterol in the blood and blood pressure, keeps healthy blood capillary, promotes blood circulation, prevents arteriosclerosis, thrombus, prevents internal bleeding, nose bleeding, cerebral hemorrhage and scurvy.
  • Maintains Healthy Metabolism: Vitamin C deals with more than 300 physiological processes which are important for metabolism of cell and bone, liver detoxification, growing up and healing/repair process.


Size: 180 Tablets 

  • Health maintenance: 2 times daily, 2 tablets each (after meal)
  • Beautification of skin, fight against cancer and influenza: 3 times daily, 3 tablets each


  • 1 cigarette destroys 50-100mg of Vitamin C
  • Anxiety speeds up the depletion of Vitamin C
  • Contraceptive and pain killer deplete substantial amount of Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C overdose (more than 16 capsules) may cause slight diarrhoea. 


Did You Know Animals Form Vitamin C Own Their Own?

Animals can produce their own vitamin C e-g. rabbit produce 18,000mg (18g). of vitamin C every day.  Whereas human body cannot produce vitamin C. Additionally, vitamin C is water soluble vitamin that will lose from our body unceasingly. Therefore, it is necessary to take vitamin C every day. Vitamin C has no toxicity effect.

The studies by Dr James Scala have shown that it is safe to consume 5,000mg—(10 tablets) to 10,000mg (20 tablets) Vitamin C every day. Dr Pauling who discovered vitamin C took 18g (18,000mg) of vitamin C every day and he was fit and healthy even at the age of 94.

Is Vitamin C From Fruit Sufficient?

Each serving of fruit provides approximately 45-60mg of vitamin C. Fruit makes the complete vitamin C during its final 10 days to ripening, therefore, unripe fruit contain only very little vitamin C. The vitamin C in fruit will reduce to half once plucked and destroy when exposed to heat. To improve health and anti-cancer, nutritionists recommend the intake of more than 2000mg of vitamin C everyday (equivalent to 40 apples).

 Do You Eat The Skin of Fruit?

Fruit skin contains flavonoid which is also known as vitamin P. The main ingredients are rutin, hesperidin. They strengthen the blood capillary, prevent bruise and internal bleeding or stroke, as well as regulating blood pressure. As they aid blood circulation, hence the blood flow to males’ reproductive organ, they are likened as the natural Viagra. 


* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases

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