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How to Stay Health on Vacation with Vitamin Supplements

Long school holiday is just beginning. For those who have planned for vacation, have you ever taken vitamin supplements when traveling for a vacation? Do you think it is really essential to take them? The answer is ‘yes’. During travel, you face various environmental conditions which may affect your health. From food poisoning to colds to motion sickness, getting sick on vacation is one of life’s horrible ironies. After cashing in your vacation time, you should return home renewed, refreshed, and feeling better than ever… but instead you’re asking to cash in your sick time. Avoid this dreaded scenario and many others by taking specific vitamin supplements help in maintaining your health and ensure a healthy and exciting vacation.

You will want to be sure to boost up your energy levels and immune system before traveling. Natural interferon (i.e. Nutriferon from Shaklee) which developed by Dr. Kojima is the best choice of immune booster. It is a protein produced by cells body when viruses invade them. It is released into the bloodstream or inter-cellular fluid to induce healthy cells to manufacture an enzyme that counters the infection. It can strengthen the immune system in three days.

For your adventures, be sure you place on your travel packing list a good multivitamin/multi-mineral supplement that contains a combination of B-complex vitamins (for energy) as well as antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium and zinc. Take these vitamins every day before your vacation can boost up your energy and immune system to an optimum level.So, you have no worry to start your journey now.

Those who plan their vacation abroad, the first thing need to take care is on the airplane. The pressurized, low humidity, air environment in an airplane increases the risk of sinus infections, colds, flu, ear pain, jet lag and blood clots. The humidity in this environment can drop to 10% or lower, thus drying out the mucus of the nose and throat which cripples this natural defence system. Whereas, alcohol, soda and other caffeinated drinks can dry you out, regular sipping of water throughout the flight can partially offset the effects of the very low humidity on board and support your natural immune system. Also several studies have shown that taking vitamin C and vitamin D (1000 mg and 5000 IU daily) before, during and after your travel may be very protective against catching colds or flu.

During the vacation, it is obvious to eat at odd times. Also, you tend to have unknown foods which affect the nature of your well-balanced diet. However, sufficient amounts of vitamins have to be taken while on vacation. So, better take vitamin supplements which help to maintain a balanced diet at any location. Vitamin B complex supplements that include vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, pyridoxine and cobalamin help in energy boosting and also ensure maintenance of health of nervous system.

After an exciting day of skiing, sunbathing, shopping, or sightseeing, hit the sack for at least seven hours straight. A comfy bed will make this process easy – you can find one in a comfy vacation home. Drinking coffee or alcohol right before bedtime will inhibit quality sleep, so substitute decaf tea when possible. Consuming 600mg of calcium before bed will improve numbness, cramps, joint pain and arthritis, providing you a good night sleep and rest!

If you feel uncomfortable with your body after a whole day sightseeing, quickly consume pill vitamin C. Vitamin C with “natural sustained release” technology such as Shaklee’s Vita C, can release vitamin C into our body every hour. Take 2 tablets with gap of 5 hours can stay in our blood plasma for 24 hours. It contains 125mg of bioflavonoid that has the ability to increase the effectiveness of vitamin C in our body, alleviate inflammation and fight bacterial infection and free radical.

Garlic is one of the most potent of all super foods!  Not only does high dose garlic go back thousands of years for treatment of sickness, but recent studies back up the legendary claims for boosting your immune system. It is natural antibiotic which can enhance our body’s immune system, prevent infectious disease such as cold, fungus, germs and viruses. For some people who may face difficulty to bowel when vacation, take 3-4 tablets of Herb-lax before bed. It can stimulate colon to expedite peristalsis and contraction in order to eject clogged stool and faces out of body.

Drink enough water is very important during your vacation. Re-circulated airplane air takes a toll on you and so do vacations, which may include sun, high elevations, and lots of activity. Tap water, on the other hand, is your worst enemy. Drink water every day, but don’t drink from the faucet! Buy bottled water at convenience shop. If you wish to save cost, bring along your filter is a good idea. Portable filter pitcher such as Get Clean Water Pitcher can filters up to 300 liters of water and reduce up to 99% of lead and other contaminants. Don’t you think that this is a smart, green and safe way to get clean water during your vacation?

No matter where you are planning to spend your family vacation, taking probiotics are essential. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that keep your gut healthy and strong, thus boosting your immune system. You should begin taking probiotics at least one week before your trip, take them every day of your trip, and continue taking them one week after returning home. Since probiotics populate your gut with beneficial bacteria, your body will be protected if it encounters any foreign microbes (bacteria, parasites, etc.), especially from exotic cuisines. If your GI tract is not adequately defended, you are more likely to experience illnesses like the dreaded traveler diarrhea. On the other hand, if you keep the beneficial bacteria colonies in your gut flourished, the chances of suffering digestive imbalances from foreign pathogens is significantly decreased. So, unless you’re planning on spending your time in the hotel bathroom, be sure to take probiotics on your trip!

However, when traveling abroad, check if you are allowed to take the supplements. Specific regulations on bringing the over-the-counter medication through customs should be followed carefully. Ensure that you take unopened sealed containers which are small enough for traveling. However, such strict rules may not be seen when traveling within the country and you can consider using zip lock bags for easy handling. So, ensure that you take vitamin supplements when traveling for a vacation to be healthy and enjoy the holidaying without any health hassles.

Enjoy your school holiday with your family! 

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