Slot Tables


A slot is a place in a machine where you can put coins into it to operate it. In a slot machine, there are usually several slots and each of them has different symbols that represent various things such as fruit, diamonds, etc. The goal of the game is to find combinations of these symbols that will produce winning combinations. These combinations can be made from multiple lines of symbols or single symbols on a row. The amount of money that is won depends on the combination and the probability of making it. Unlike the traditional mechanical machines, modern slot games are computerized and use random number generators to determine the results of each spin.

The specialized table slot, the periodic slot is used to hold data that repeats on a regular time interval such as monthly evaporation coefficients for a reservoir. This sort of information would be impractical to store in a standard series slot because the data would have to be repeated for each year of a year. A periodic slot can handle either text or numeric column headings and can specify a 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Month, or 1 Year timeseries.

Periodic slots also can be configured to interpolate or look up, just like any other slot. The display for a periodic slot differs depending on whether it is configured to lookup or interpolate. If it is configured to lookup, then the rows only show enough information to identify the date that corresponds with each timestep in the row. For example, for a 1 Month interval, the dates only show the month numbers not the hour or day numbers.

If the periodic slot is configured to interpolate, then the data values will be displayed as points on a timeline. These points will be positioned at the end of each timestep in the row. A separator will be added between the last point on each row and the first point on the next row. A separate plot will be created for each duration used in the study.

Some tables allow columns to be appended and deleted in blocks. This is done to save space and is useful when the same set of data needs to be repeated across a number of durations.

A good slot WR will be able to run all of the slant, switch and cross routes. This will require him to have speed and a lot of twitch. He will be able to get downfield quickly and run routes that will confuse the CBs of opposing teams. This position is often filled by the fastest players on a team. This is because the CBs will need to be a step or 2 ahead of the slot WR to intercept the pass. This allows the slot WR to run a lot of open-field routes and make the CBs uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons why New England loves to play their best guys in the slot.