External healing crisis symptom


  • Red, itch eye- High toxin in the heart, indicates the heart is regulating.
  • Blurry Vision- Normally happens in the morning, indicates the heart is regulating.
  • Shed Tears- Highly pressured workload, emotionally unstable.
  • Eye Discharge – High acidity in the body, detoxification process by the heart.
  • Pressured on Eye & Eyelid and Eye Twitching – Signs of anxiety or stressful life should take rest and relax.

Nose & Throat

  • Cold, Fever – Detoxification process by the throat, high acidity in the body, Should fever not subside, continue to take the supplements and consult the doctor at the same time.
  • Sneeze – Detoxification process by the throat, weak lungs are regulating. Avoid chemical and processed foods.
  • Dry Throat – Detoxification process of the whole body. Must drink plenty of water in aid of detoxes.
  • Stuffy Nose – High toxins in lungs.
  • Cough–  
    • Cough with phlegm: One of the throat detoxification processes.
    • Dry cough: High toxins in lungs.
    • Cough caused by throat itchiness: Detoxification process by both lungs and throat. Occurred to those who often exposed to polluted or smoky environment.
    • Sore Throat – Same as above, high toxin.

 Oral Cavity

  • Swollen, Painful Tongue or Gum – Indicates heart problem e.g. high fat, weak heart valves, coronary artery occlusion.
  • Dry and Chapped Lips – High toxins in stomach.
  • Bad Breath – Regulating stomach for detoxification.
  • Mouth Ulcer
    • Stressful life, detoxification of liver.
    • Indicates high acidity in blood.
    • Pale Lips–  
      • Weak digestive system and stomach
      • Poor absorption, unable to absorb nutrients that lead to anaemia.


  • Ear Wax – High toxins in kidneys, sign of detoxification.
  • Tinnitus – Regulating the weak kidneys.


  • Salty Sweat – High uric acid cause by long term consumption of meat and processed food.
  • Smelly Sweat – High toxins in the body, detoxification through sweat.
  • Macula and Abscess – Detoxification of fatty and non-water soluble toxins by the body.
  • Itchy Macula – Consumed too much medication that contains chemical substance.
  • Pimples –
    • Stress over a long period, late night sleepy improper diet and malnutrition.
    • Indicates detoxification process of the liver, colon and regulating endocrine.
    • Broken and Watery Skin – Detoxifying water-soluble toxins.
    • Hair Loss – Weak kidney function. The body is retaining and obtaining nutrition through hair loss. Healthier and thicker hair will be grown once hair loss symptom stops.

Arms and Legs

  • Joint Pain
    • Indicates overworked or has injury history of the affected area, also the possibility of rheumatism or gout symptoms.
    • The body is regulating and absorbing nutrients.
    • Shoulder Pain
      • Indicates poor blood circulation, abnormal metabolism.
      • Or vascular blocked by excessive blood lipids.
      • Painful Heel – Regulating the weal re-productive system.
      • Numbness of Left Palm and Hand – Indicates weak heart or other disease.  Should pay particular attention to the heart function when numbness changes to pain. Take “Love Your Heart Program” immediately.
      • Numbness of Palm – Poor blood circulation of upper part of the body.
      • Burning Hot Foot Sole – Long period of frighten, stress, insomnia that has caused weak kidney.
      • Numbness of Leg – Poor blood circulation of lower part of the body.
      • Painful Foot Sole – Indicates weak kidney. Normally cause by lack of exercise of unchanging sitting posture.
      • Itchy in Between Toes – Taken too much MSG, foods contain chemical and medication.

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