About Dr Forrest C. Shaklee

Dr Forrest C. Shaklee

Dr Forrest C. Shaklee was the Father of Vitamins for creating the very first vitamin in the world in 1915. In 1965, he founded Shaklee Corporations, a leading natural health products company. Shaklee Corporation was listed on New York Stock Exchange and Fortune 500 in 1979 and 1982 respectively. Today, it stands as the world’s oldest multi-level marketing company.

First vitamin in the world

Dr Shaklee was a scholar who had doctorate in the fields of chiropractic, divinity, nutrition, biochemistry.  He had great passion for the nature, sports and herbs since he was little.

Long duration of exposing to x-ray in his clinic had caused cancer to his arm. With that, he chose to give up his medical practice and return to live with the nature rather than arm amputation. Through his living with the nature, he discovered natural plants and herbs that had healing efficacy on human beings. With nutrition and herbs, he was finally freed from cancer. Ever since then, he encouraged his patients to prevent diseases through nutrition.

Dr Shaklee was also a pioneer in environmental protection in the U.S. Since his making of one the world’s first organic household biodegradable cleaners in 1960, a string of natural products based on environmental friendly and planet protection principals had been produced. His great passion and environmental stewardship had earned complements from World Earth Day and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Shaklee Corporation was even accredited with Climate Neutral certified company by U.S. EPA for totally offsetting its CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment.

Shaklee is company leading in nutritional research in U.S. This health products company has invested USD500 million in technologies for its own research centre that houses more than 150 full time professional scientists and doctors. Its research to production processes are carried out by integrated technologies of U.S., Germany, Soviet Union and Japan. Additionally, the company has 2 large manufacturing plants measuring 895,000 square feet. 

Shaklee’s scientists are constantly improving its dietary supplements formula by integrating traditional herbs and modern days’ nutrition needs. The latest technology is deployed to extract plants’ nutrients and essence, preserve, stabilise and produce the highly concentrated vitamin tablets.

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